I’m a copywriter, content writer, editor and journalist based in Reading, UK.

Before you know what services you’re after, you need to work out what you want to achieve. Whether it’s blogs, interviews, articles, company profiles, ebooks, video scripts, sales emails, social posts or something else, the journey starts with you. 

No matter where we start, the end game is always the same: create a moment with the reader or viewer that means they have no choice but to get on board with your message – whatever that might be.

* Promote a new product or service
* Announce some exciting company news
* Share inspiring customer stories
* Reach an elusive, potential customer base
* Win back cautious customers
* Make a splash in a new market or sector
* Highlight an amazing person in your organisation
* Explain complex matters in a simple, engaging way
* Educate people about exactly what you do and why you do it
* Blow your own trumpet – and why not?

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