I’ve been a magazine editor, journalist and content writer and copywriter for over 20 years.

Writing and editing for large and small publishing houses in London and Sydney has provided invaluable experience across platforms and sectors as well as many fun adventures. I stood next to Bill Gates eating a hot dog and I met Buzz Aldrin in San Francisco. I’ve ridden a donkey in Nazareth wearing an unsuitable pencil skirt (me, not the donkey), floated in the Dead Sea, walked on hot coals in Dubrovnik and whizzed down the Pacific Motorway in the Australian Gold Coast on the back of a Harley Davidson.

Some of my favourite interviewees include Davina McCall, Noel Edmonds, Adam Faith, Alan McGee and Michael Acton Smith. Whether it’s interviewing individuals, writing business case studies, profiling large corporations, reviewing new products or creating snappy social media posts, I love what I do.